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Nan Goldin : Heart Shaped Bruise

Monday, 14 March 2011

Classic birthday, granny proud and wire marathons

It hath been a nice weekend to end my holidays. The Classic Grand celebrated their 3rd birthday on Saturday night with a massive party, was jumpin all night and everyone was in great spirits. I was very mature (read old) and went home around 2 due to sky scraping heel injuries but the festivities continued till 4 and longer!
On Sunday I dropped in on Granny Would Be Proud at Hillhead Bookclub. It has been on the go for years but this was my first shifty around it I'm ashamed to admit! It was beautifully bustling and there were many vendors in vintage, kitsch and cuteness. Shall be returning on the 27th post payday :)
My holiday is very quickly drawing to a close so after an unsuccessful baking incident I am relaxing with a nice Shiraz and season one of the wire. Bon nuit mon aime. Back to work tomOrrow in my new Vintage Guru trousers

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