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Nan Goldin : Heart Shaped Bruise

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Summer, Summer, Summer time....the blush the lime and the canary


Been checking out the summer makeup trends this week. Quite glad that not everyone is going for ballerina inspired pink fluff. Ilove the blush in the new Illamasqua campaign, its leaning on the 70s rush that is slowly creeping over all the high street stores, of which I don't really intend to hugely partake but I do like a strong brow.


This is nice.

Thinking of breaking out the cheeky lime green to counter my red lips and I love her hair also

The smoky violets are a hit with me also , a stikler for goth-tastic sexy eyes


Chanel's Spring pastel ballet palette makes way for a more sultry cool ocean inspired collection. I love the freshness and delicacy

and their canary yellow nail colour too

Feeling creatively excitable

Loving this website, papermode for photography inspiration and ideas like an archive of my walls !!

I am planning on a wee shoot tomorrow afternoon with the lovely lisa grant, hopefully the weather holds!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

 Been having a browse around lookbook, it has fairly flourished since my last visit and I love how each girl is from a different country- very informative. My favourite look was this Ukrainian girl I love everything about her outfit

for all keidy 's looks follow the link and hype her up!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Things this week :)

Graced Folle Follie with my presence midweek, was a nice atmosphere, Les Garcons de Glasgow were there representing , as were most of the models, the store had cocktails and champers to hand.  All very civilised.
 Pay day fell on friday and so did my balance rapidly as I treated myself to certain must haves ; more turbans Topshop jeans as below which are super soft
and much more nonsense for my holidays in Paris!!!

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


Vote for Laila for the most stylist Glasgow girl with Folle Follie and Les Garcons de GlagsowVote for Laila

Things which make me happy # 257

miss dior

Things that make me happy # 256

les garcon de glasgow

I can't go for that.....actually...

I have always avoided black lipstick, cannot really expain why seen as my 'goth' phase was an all or nothing endeavour. More recently I have ventured into the world of plum and dark wine, while at speed the nation has been raiding their creepy wee brother's makeup stash and donning the look of doom, I wanted to keep a retro idea going more louise brooks than worst witch.. I even bought a turban ( see left) but I swear these strikes into an unknown era for me were independantly purchased and accidently matched to my betty boo side-burns....

any advise needed on era make up can be obtained from Queens Of Vintage who copy Edie, Dita and Louise et al . Highly recommend this cute site

Monday, 14 March 2011

Classic birthday, granny proud and wire marathons

It hath been a nice weekend to end my holidays. The Classic Grand celebrated their 3rd birthday on Saturday night with a massive party, was jumpin all night and everyone was in great spirits. I was very mature (read old) and went home around 2 due to sky scraping heel injuries but the festivities continued till 4 and longer!
On Sunday I dropped in on Granny Would Be Proud at Hillhead Bookclub. It has been on the go for years but this was my first shifty around it I'm ashamed to admit! It was beautifully bustling and there were many vendors in vintage, kitsch and cuteness. Shall be returning on the 27th post payday :)
My holiday is very quickly drawing to a close so after an unsuccessful baking incident I am relaxing with a nice Shiraz and season one of the wire. Bon nuit mon aime. Back to work tomOrrow in my new Vintage Guru trousers

Friday, 11 March 2011

Benefit Bella Bamba - 3D watermelon blush

bella bamba

Being a seasoned Benefit customer I have tried many of their powder blush range but mainly fell for their tints ; Benetint and Posietint. The former being Benefits signature product and an absolute must have for every make-up bag, being a stain it holds all day and can be used for a nice natural blush on the lip too. The latter, Posietint is Benetint's spring/Summer cousin in a pale pink it is light and sweet for those who want colour but not a hot - flush. So they are both great and I have not needed much powder blush since but I decided to let one of the girls give it a go on me when Bella Bamba was released just out of sheer nosiness.
  Its advertised as 3D effect...I for one didn't really know what that would encompass in the way of make-up but what I did see was it does have a high lighting effect. The colour is more on the pink/orange side than pink/red but I really like how much it freshens up my early morning grey pallor. Oh and it smells amazing too :)


First post on my new blog. Hiya pals! this blog shall mostly consist of my ramblings and photographs I have taken. I may also add the odd up and coming event for your perusal

thanks for follwing :)