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Nan Goldin : Heart Shaped Bruise

Monday, 30 May 2011

The American theme...

 If desperate housewives was directed by David Lynch it would probably come out a bit like the work of Gregory Crewdon

Heavily influenced by cinema by the likes of Lynch, Hitchcock and some Spielberg, Crewdson's work is highly elaborate and staged with dramatic lighting creating a visual elegance seldom seen outside of cinema.

There is an insightful piece at White Cube about Crewdson's photographic history and influences ;
 Most notably citing Diana Arbus as the reason he got into the field initially.
                                    For more info on Crewdson and his work check out Aperture

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The most beautiful things I have ever seen...

frozen flowers

dream of winter
  I can't praise Natalie Shau highly enough
The beauty of her work almost reduces me to tears.


Tears Collector

 Shau has released a very limited edition book of her work find out more about tangled tales....


 and she is showing at the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Rome from  June 8th - July15th 2011 for more info on the show

Deviant link for all Shau's deviantart gallery works...

Official page for more info on the artist

Monday, 23 May 2011

Help needed!

Ok I have been searching for the artist behind my blog header for months and I am defeated, if anyone uses deviant art or is familiar with that kinna gothic art and can help please get in touch!! I need to give them credit and link to their work!!

Thank u lovelies
Domino xx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Bloglovin and much more

To all my new followers Hi!! as with my lovely others I will endeavour to keep up with goings on in all your blogs, just a quick thank you for your support and hope to keep entertaining you

thanks again

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

La Mode a Glasgow: \/\/ awkward...... a brilliant project

La Mode a Glasgow: \/\/ awkward...... a brilliant project: "While browsing through the ocean of internet 'art' I came across a photographer with an interesting concept. Julia Fulerton-Batten is a Ger..."

\/\/ awkward...... a brilliant project

While browsing through the ocean of internet 'art' I came across a photographer with an interesting concept. Julia Fulerton-Batten is a German Fine Art graduate with a unique skill for portraying emotion in art.
  I know everyone and their mother portrays emotion in art that's the point, but how many do you hear the title of and go 'ahhhhh riiiight'? not many right?  Ok,  so the project :Teenage Stories which portrays the awkwardness of teen life ....

Its pretty spot on right? I love them. The subject of the awkward journey from girl to woman is explored across three projects. 

The series 'Teenage Stories' leads on to 'School Plays' which is a study of the differenced between Caucasian and Chinese school girls and the middle project of the trilogy


  'School Plays' follows on to 'Inbetween' ; showing the girls rise to maturity, this set is particularly haunting .

I love the dream like qualities of her work across all the projects and the fact that she can portray that awkwardness so clearly. Follow the link above to check out more of her work .

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

My new favourite nail polish - H&M

Ok , quick piece about the new range of H&M nail colours which have recently hit Glasgow store, Quite simply the best nail polish I have encountered outside of China Glaze nail laquer ( available from Sally's for the best part of £10). Coming in at £2.99 for a large bottle I so far have lemon, baby pink and coral blue know as 'Going Bananas, Spoilt Beauty and Blue My Mind respectively. They go on smooth, two coats creates the colours shown in ads and they dry very quickly. They chip in a couple of days as most do with me as I'm typing all day but the rest of their wonders more than make up for that!

Friday, 6 May 2011

first me, then...Hipstamatic

When I first started taking photographs my slr was my world, the snap of the shutter, the excitement of waiting for the shot. My Dad taught me about Apertures and Shutter speeds, film, filters and I loved the moment when the film was developed and you had got THAT shot. When digital started creeping into retail I initally turned my nose up. Its lazy, I thought, and don't even get me started on photoshop! And then one evening in Whitby I was shooting at the Abbey , a blood red sunset behind it and with my 'new' 1 mega pixel camera photo took a quick shot to see what the end result would resemble. The film was developed and none of the shots had the drama or saturation of the digital one. I admitted not defeat but that the lack of film waste was definetely an improvement. I kept my slr for college and loved learning darkroom techniques which were all but dead and buried by the photoshop generation. I felt I wanted to explore more film techniques, cameras, developers and was gifted a little Holga which I proceeded to use with my slr and discovered the joys of lomo.
Thats when it happened.
I was seriously considering spending the food budget on a Street Level membership when I read a tweet about the Hipstamatic app.....
The Hipstamatic was a little plastic 1982 released camera, created by 
Bruce and Winston Dorbowski. The concept was to bring people a camera which costs less than the film. They based it on the little kodak instamatic and suddenly a legend was born. Tragically the two brothers were killed by a drunk driver in 1984, and it wasn't until 25 years later that their older brother Richard decided that their little idea should be remembered and made iconic in the Iphone app of the same name.

The nicest thing about the app is the most infuriating, its so easy!! all the blood sweat and tears over film, developing, darkroom all wiped out in a click. Also, I have downloaded all the app's extras and its totalled about £10...the Holga I was given alone - no film - retails at £50, film is £20 a pack average and then theres finding a developer!

So I thought I'd right my little story about this wonderful little app that every Iphone owner needs to try at least once


Ingrid bergman

Judy Garland

Lauren Bacall

Jean Hagen

Rita Hayworth