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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

\/\/ awkward...... a brilliant project

While browsing through the ocean of internet 'art' I came across a photographer with an interesting concept. Julia Fulerton-Batten is a German Fine Art graduate with a unique skill for portraying emotion in art.
  I know everyone and their mother portrays emotion in art that's the point, but how many do you hear the title of and go 'ahhhhh riiiight'? not many right?  Ok,  so the project :Teenage Stories which portrays the awkwardness of teen life ....

Its pretty spot on right? I love them. The subject of the awkward journey from girl to woman is explored across three projects. 

The series 'Teenage Stories' leads on to 'School Plays' which is a study of the differenced between Caucasian and Chinese school girls and the middle project of the trilogy


  'School Plays' follows on to 'Inbetween' ; showing the girls rise to maturity, this set is particularly haunting .

I love the dream like qualities of her work across all the projects and the fact that she can portray that awkwardness so clearly. Follow the link above to check out more of her work .


  1. Love the first three! Awesome!

  2. I know! I love the concept and think i might use infulence for my next fashion shoot tbh x

  3. Very interesting photography... It is actually a really good concept. I really like the first picture..

    All the best, Angel

  4. It's cool isn't it , thanks angel x

  5. these pics are amazing... I also love the one of your header!