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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

We'll meet again

50s and 40s vintage styling is, literally, old news. Everyone is doing it, Vintage 'boutiques' are everywhere and its hard to pick where to buy good quality retro style clothing, and decent vintage gear.  So I thought I'd throw together some blogs with recommendations to take us into the summer in swinging style

  Starting us off, I am loving the new Dita Von Teese for Wheels and Doll baby range (as pictured left). Wheels and Doll have been one of my favourites for a long time but these pieces excel, especially this keyhole cardie.

 I love this picture of Suzi Parker  that  I found at Penny Dreadful Vintage ,( above right) This blog links you too a flurry of Vintage lovliness and also Penny Dreadful's  store where pieces like those modelled by Suzi can be purchased at fair prices.

This tea dress (above) in purple taffeta is my current favourite. There is talk im the work place of a new dress code and I have decided if they ban jeans I shall replace my pedal pushers for tea dresses. So technically I NEED this dress...right?...anyway moving on

 Closer to home there are a feel Glasgow jems I would like to mention which have all provided me with vintage goodies over the years!

 Tatty Bon is located on Parnie st and run by the wonderful Lynne Anderson make-up artist and vintage queen and generally all round good gal.

Lynne also designs some recycled hangbags, shoes and even furniture

I love her range of 'ship bags' with 3d ships on the sides
and shall be treating myself to one as soon

My  next is a new one for me, Vintage Guru on Byres Rd also in Glasgow Its a little boutique rammed full of treasures, some really nice pieces and great prices.

Over on the East coast we have Armstrongs .
Along with Glasgow's Mr Ben(left), Armstrongs is a beautiful, well established warehouse of a store where you are
likely to get anything you need be it day to day or costume these guys have been doing in for years and do it (right)

There are a few more but I shall fill you in on those and some online beauties another day



  1. Aw, thanks so much for including me, I'm flattered! And great also to know where to go shopping next time I'm up in Glasgow for a visit :)

  2. No problems I love your blog too!x